Instagram Thursday : Edition 31

Oh, that’s right. It’s back. Instagram Thursday is back in all of it’s insta-glory.

You guys know I love a good hashtag, right? (Bonus points if it’s witty.) So, it’s no surprise that my favorite trend of my 2013 weddings is the custom wedding hashtag (looking at you #chuxwedding #justinsheena #misnermoorehitched).

First, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE (very literally) ENDLESS.

Your Name + His Name = hashtag.
Your Last Name + His Last Name + Wedding = hashtag.
Your First Initial + love + His First Initial = hashtag.

In my case? Had Matt & I been married after the internet was invented (just kidding…kind-of) our wedding hashtag absolutely would have been #TheOhoWedding. Obviously.

But more than the possibility of a #melattwedding hashtag (ok, fine, not my best effort at hashtagging), I am still convinced that Instagram is still the best method of photo sharing & collecting for weddings. I love clicking on a hashtag the day after a wedding and seeing a guest’s viewpoint of the ceremony. Or the sweet photo they asked me to take with their iPhone during the dance. Or even the things that happened after I had already left for the night; like the bridesmaids jumping into the Lake Minnetonka at midnight – right #chuxwedding?

That definitely happened.

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re just past the halfway point of wedding season! So many hashtags. So many fun times. So many days & moments I never want to forget. Cheers to Instagram Thursday!

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