Instagram Thursday : Edition 32

Welcome to the most compact version of Instagram Thursday yet.

I packed a lot into this holiday week/weekend but I also spent a lot of time enjoying the last work-free weekend until November. And that meant movie night(s) on the couch with the husband. Dinner with friends over a couple really amazing bottles of wine. Cookie baking. Enjoyed girls night of thai + wine (naturally). Errand running. Hosted a Fantasy Football draft (of which this football novice somehow managed to get first draft pick – sorry boys). Visited the Warby Parker bus at the end of the Great Minnesota Heat Wave and straight up dominated the photobooth. Road tripped with Eliesa & Liz to New Ulm and laughed the whole way down and the whole way back.

Also. Two blogposts. One day. BOOM.

Instagram Thursday_Sep5blog

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  1. Courtney

    Melissa – You are SO great! Just wanted you to know. Courtney