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Dear Baby Linnea,

You’ve been here less than a month but I bet you already have your daddy wrapped around that beautiful little pinky of yours, don’t  you? I bet the minute he held you, he promised to God and anyone listening that he would protect you and your mom no matter what life would bring. I bet the second your mom held you she squeezed you tight and thanked God that you were finally here and that you were simply perfect. I’m also betting that your mom and dad never knew how capable they were of love until you came into their lives and that they are learning just how much more love they have in their hearts every day they get to hold, cuddle and love you. Part of me wishes you could have known your mom and dad before they became your parents and saw how deeply they loved each other and how much more they love each other now but I know that this love, the love they have for you, far surpasses anything they’ve ever experienced before. Treat them well, little Linnea, for your arrival has been eagerly anticipated and much planned for.

Love to infinity,
Auntie Melissa.

<< Through the end of Friday, I will be donating $1 for every comment left on this post to the American Humane Association who’s Red Star Team currently is working day and night to find and rescue animals affected by the tsunami & earthquake in Japan. Please take 30 seconds to comment and then go give your furry friend a kiss from me. >>

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  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing for donating to help!

  2. Awesome idea!