Katie & Patric | Champlin & Minneapolis Engagement Photography

She jokes that she robbed the cradle but if you saw the protective way he takes care of her, you would never know there was an age difference at all. At the beginning of their session, we encountered a little (lot of) mud and the way Patric kept a careful hand on the small of Katie’s back gave me this beautiful glimpse into their relationship. Their love is sweet and gentle and 100% all about them. They get lost in their world of themness (I’m making that word happen…) and what a beautiful & refreshing quality to have when so much of our world has become all about the show.

Katie & Patric. Your love and the tenderness with which you treat each other is inspiring. I can’t wait to share more German food with you, family style. It’s how we roll. Oh, and thank you for chancing the rain and getting semi-stuck in the mud with me. Our anti-rain dance needs to be on a world stage somewhere but even if that never happens, I am happy to have shared that moment with you both. xoxo

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  1. These two are ridiculously cute!!

  2. Love the third one from the bottom the “BOOTS” kicked up totally makes it :)!!!! Super Job!