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You guys, I love the rain. I really, really do.

I love the rain so much that it’s included in part of my bio section on this website. Give me a rainy day, an empty calendar and a great book and you can find me wrapped up in a blanket enjoying my own personal version of heaven. But, there’s one caveat to my rain-loving spirit and that’s when I have a camera in my hand. Not because I don’t think it isn’t completely romantic (because it absolutely is) but because I know whenever anyone steps in front of my camera, they’ve put time, energy and hard earned dollar, dollar bills into the way they look and rain is, often times, the antithesis to the well-planned hair & makeup.

So when the skies opened up in the middle of Kelsey & John’s engagement session and dumped sheets of water on us and all around us, I told them we could schedule a redo. But these two, being the ultimate in rolling with the punches, shrugged like it was no big thing and I’m so glad they did because the result was lush, serene and oh, so picturesque.

Kelsey & John. There’s no one I’d rather be stuck in a sudden torrential downpour with. If not just for the fact that you never once made fun of what the rain & humidity did to my hair but also because you guys are truly the most fun to be around. Whether it’s walks dodging errant raindrops down by the Mississippi, cooking & wine drinking in your kitchen or gallivanting through some vineyards this Memorial Day weekend, I know it will be punctuated with laughter and to me, that is the best thing in the world. (Also, you make the rain look so good.) Hurry up, May, let’s do this! xo

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