Kelsey & Lance | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

I don’t know about you but there’s a moment in every winter season where I think to myself, “I will never ever be warm again. EVER.” Kelsey & Lance’s engagement session was that day for me this past winter (and, I’m sure, for them too) which sounds….well…just really awful, right?

But, for maybe the first time in my Minnesota-living life, it wasn’t. I know that must sound impossible but it is true.

There was something pretty joyous (no, really, it was) about running around in the snow with Kelsey & Lance. Darting from spot to spot, knowing that you had essentially 15 more minutes before it became borderline dangerous (thanks frostbite!). Snuggling gets a little more meaningful (a necessity for warmth – that is romance, people), kissing is pretty hilarious because no one can feel their lips anymore and then there’s just embracing that breath fog is kind of like real fog and you’ve always wanted to photograph in real fog like in Pride & Prejudice so it’s basically the same. Right? Right.

I don’t know any other couple (and pup – heyo Ruby!) who could make all of that look so gorgeous and not at all terrible. But these two absolutely did and absolutely killed it. Am I the luckiest frostbite survivor ever, or what? (Jokes. Just jokes.)

Kelsey & Lance. I love you. You earned all the gold stars, hot toddies and warm hugs for braving the bitter cold with me and not only that but then you made snow, ice and the frozen tundra of windchills look beautiful and not at all painful. GOOD WORK YOU TWO. Can’t wait to celebrate in September; let’s do this, friends. xo

Special thanks to the great people at Tattersall Distilling who graciously allowed us to utilize their space. If you haven’t yet, go there, have a Southside and enjoy one of the best cocktail experiences in the Twin Cities. I promise it will not disappoint. 
















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  1. Sharon Doolittle

    These pics are fabulous! Your love just radiates. Ruby is a lucky dog to have you as parents! I am so looking forward to your Sept. wedding! Hugs to you Kelsey and Lance!