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Life Lessons that Melissa Oholendt has to Constantly Re-Learn:

1. Don’t touch your eyes after dicing jalapeños.
2. Portable hard drives should never be balanced on the edge of the couch. Especially during the busy season.
3. Turn your phone on silent before you go to bed.
4. Don’t forget that you put a bottle of champagne in the freezer to chill.
5. The day you finish editing one of your favorite 2015 weddings will be a strangely sad day. Prepare accordingly.

Kenzie & Tony. Yep, you guessed it. Later today you’ll be receiving the link to your wedding gallery and I’m sitting here in my studio, as your images upload, feeling incredibly nostalgic about all of our crazy fun, champagne-soaked time together. I’ve enjoyed the crap out of these last 7 months getting to know you both and while, as you know, knocking stuff off my to-do list is my jam, I’m a little heartbroken that I won’t be editing your gorgeous faces anytime soon.

So, go ahead. Have some babies (or a puppy) and invite me back. No pressure. (Love you both so much.)

Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog01
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog02
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog03
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog04
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog05
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog06
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog07
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog08
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog09
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog10
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog11
Mackintosh-Kersey Engagements_blog12

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  1. Sarah Trout

    Love all the pictures you took. Love the natural light you capture and the clarity of the details. You took some beautiful shots of a couple in love! You have talent!