Kim & Nate | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

It is a classic boy meets girl story with a modern twist. Witty banter and killer dance moves replaced batting eyelashes and hair tossing and a destiny-born Minneapolis pub crawl replaced the meet-cute at a park bench over matching sweaters but the notion was just as romantic. Boy meets girl and it’s love at first sight. And the rest? The rest is happily ever after.

To my dearest Kim & Nate. I just know everyone is falling a little bit in love with you as they look through your photos and see the smiles, the kisses and the looks you save only for each other. Thank you, thank you for allowing me into your lives and letting me see the authentic, real and mostly just awesome and laughter-filled love you have for each other. Give Spencer a kiss on the nose for me. xoxo

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  1. is that a puggle I see????
    gorgeous photos (as always), Melissa!!

  2. Lovely work! And I LOVE that you used the phrase ‘meet-cute’…

  3. Kim Stull

    I love how you described our love. Such a sweet post. Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures. We love them!

  4. Beautiful photos! Kim is stunning.

  5. oh Mel…I love love love these :)

  6. Awww love them!! Such a sweet post!

  7. Adorable! Winter sessions are so much fun! Fabulous work..

  8. Oh my goodness–that puppy is adorable! Great set of images, Melissa!

  9. you’re going to rock this full time, mel. so proud of you. these images are stunning.

  10. So fabulous!

  11. Oh sweet Melissa….these are incredible. I love the moments you set, the colors, and the way you obviously brought out who the couple really is. You rock…