Krista & Mike | Linden Hills Engagement Photography

This was the Engagement Session when everything seemed to come full-circle; the Engagement Session that made me realize that nearly every person I hold dearest in life has been in front of my camera at one point or another.

But that is what this working-for-yourself thing is all about, right? Sharing in the life and big moments that my friends experience in the best way I know how? Giving back to the people who spent (and still spend) countless hours encouraging me, challenging me and picking me up when I fell? Using my God-given talents show the people I love the most how beautifully they love each other? To me, this is one of the most special parts of what I get to do and the fact that I get to do it with people whom I truly love is just a gift that I will never be able to repay.

Krista & Mike, I love you both so much. Can’t wait for November.

Also…just pure hotness you two. Keep it up.

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(2) Comments

  1. Phyllie

    wait… who are these people?

    j/k. so beautiful :) love!

  2. in LOVE with this session, melissa!! what an absolutely fun & adorable couple. you captured them beautifully!!! xo