Love Notes

  • Sarah & Scott, married 2017

    I cannot tell you how absolutely perfect these are.  They are everything (and more) that we wanted, and you captured the day EXACTLY as we had envisioned- you got the formal pictures, but captured our FAVORITES— the candid and expressive pictures to show people’s time over the course of the day.
    I cannot thank you enough for these pictures, for how amazing you were on the day, and for just generally being such an amazing person and friend to work with.
    XOXOXO so much,
  • Gray & Tate, married 2017

    Melissa! It’s hard to tell what I’ve fallen in love with more; you or your photographs!! We are honored you are part of this special time in our lives and cannot wait for July. Thank you for being just the best.

    Lots of love,
    Gray & Tate

  • Molly & Brian, married 2017

    Melissa!! You are the best. Best email we’ve received all month!  They are amazing. I’m crying and laughing.  Thank you times a million.  You seriously are so talented. They turned out more than perfect!
    Molly and Brian
  • Emily & John, married 2016

    This response is long overdue but it is only because I look at these photos every spare minute I have……no time for work or emails. 

    Melissa, I cry every single time I look at these photos! I have had 10 viewing parties with friends and family and might have to print every single one. You managed to capture every part of our day perfectly. I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  

    You are incredible!!!!!

  • Katie & Matt, married 2016

    Dear Melissa,

    We are so grateful to have met and worked with you over the past couple years. Your talent is incredible and matched only by your giant heart. Thank you for every single infectious laugh, sweet gesture, kind note and beautiful photo you shared with us. We will cherish our wedding photos forever.

    We miss you already!
    Love, Katie & Matt

  • Kelsey & John, married 2016

    First of all, thank you for being you. You always made us feel so welcomed and we really appreciated that throughout the process. And the pictures! We just love them! You did an amazing job and we are so happy we chose you as our photographer. We cannot thank you enough for everything.

    You were so sweet, so kind, so thoughtful and so uh-mazing with those shots of yours. You will always be a part of something that we treasure forever. Thank you so much. You made my wife so happy!

  • Meghan & AJ, married 2016

    Hi Melissa!!!

    I don’t even know what to say…the pictures are stunningly perfect and you captured the raw emotion with is something I will cherish for my whole life. I can’t thank you enough! You made my dreams come true!!


  • Molly & Ryan, married 2016

    Melissa –

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We can’t say this enough and words cannot describe how happy we are with our photos. We had such a wonderful time working with you and the results were absolutely fantastic.

    We’ll always treasure our photos and all of the great memories from our day!

    <3, Molly & Ryan

  • Sarah & Phil, married 2016


    There are no words to thank you enough. Our engagement and wedding photos are so stunning and working with you throughout the process was such a treat. You are truly talented at what you do and we hope you’ll photograph our family in the future!

    Thank you again!
    Sarah & Phil

  • Maggie & Jon, married 2015

    Melissa, we can never thank you enough for your support, friendship and amazing photos. You are so much more than a photographer and I keep telling Jon “I can’t wait to have another life event so we can see Melissa!” :)
    Lady, you are one in a million and I am thankful everyday I sent you that inquiry email oh so many months ago. Thank you for being apart of our wedding season and for making it awesome!!
    Maggie & Jon
  • Kenzie & Tony, married 2015


    Wow. We don’t even have words to express how grateful we are to you. These are so amazing and bring us right back to all of the little and big moments that made Saturday so special. You are seriously so talented and we feel so lucky that you were there to capture our day so beautifully (and to help us celebrate). You are amazing and we love you!!!!! You need to never stop taking pictures. Like ever.

    Kenzie and Tony

  • Phyllis & Michael, married 2015

    Dear Melissa,

    We do not even know how to begin to thank you for everything you did to make our day unique, special & beautiful! Thank you! You are one of the most gifted & talented people we know and we are so blessed to call you friend.

    <3, Michael & Phyllis

  • Kelsey & Paco, married 2015


    We enjoyed a wonderful Saturday evening with champagne, reminiscing about our wedding and enjoying the pictures you sent us. WE LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding.

    As they sign off in Spain: Un abrazo grande (that’s a big hug).
    Kelsey & Paco

  • Anna & Chas, married 2015

    Oh my goodness!!!

    We have no words for how amazing these pictures turned out! It was like we were reliving the day! You captured the most special time for us and we could not be happier!

    You are so incredibly talented and we loved having you there with us. Every detail was captured and we were able to appreciate every part of our day. You captured our love and personalities perfectly.

    I don’t know how to thank you, Melissa!
    Anna & Chas

  • Kalyn & John, married 2014


    Thank you for making our wedding such an amazing day. We worked with some incredible people, but you were the best. From our first meetings to the day itself, you listened and made it happen. You were a pro, an artist and a great person to work with. Thanks for everything!

    Kalyn & John

  • Kristi & Ryan, married 2014


    We could never thank you enough for all you have done for us. You helped us turn a crazy dream into a reality and we are so incredibly grateful. Because of you we get to relive our amazing adventure and feel the emotion of our day over and over. We couldn’t have chosen a better fit for us and will forever be thankful. You are amazing and we love you to the moon!

    Kristi & Ryan

  • Linsey & Matt, married 2014

    Dear Melissa,

    Thank you so much for capturing such incredible moments at our wedding. Your ability to seamlessly blend into the family and create such a calm & fun atmosphere while photographing the crew was amazing. You are a true gem and we feel so fortunate to have had you play such a special role on one of the biggest days of our lives.

    All the best,
    Linsey & Matt

  • Emily & Tate, married 2014

    Thank you so very much for shooting our wedding. It meant so much to Emily & I, more her, but you somehow made my worst fear seem natural. By the way, my worst fear is someone continuously taking my photo. Thank you so much for sharing our day with us and I hope we can take you out for dinner sometime and get you full up with gluten and poor choices.

    Tate (and Emily)