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Confession time. I LOVE SNOW. We’re talking true, consistent, heartfelt love and deep adoration for those fluffy flakes that fall from the heaven. Give me falling snow, a fireplace and a glass of wine and you are looking at my ideal evening. So imagine my heartbreak this past winter as we faced record low snow accumulations and mild temps. Not. A. Happy. Camper.

In talking with Maya & Derek about their engagement session, we had planned on a gorgeous winter landscape for their engagement session and dared to hope that maybe – just maybe – there would be a slight dusting of snow to make their engagement session magical. Well consider them the magic component because the minute we scheduled their session a snowstorm appeared on the forecast and I woke up that Saturday morning as giddy as a small child in a candy store.


Maya & Derek, you are magic in more than one way. xo


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  1. Tom deBruyn
    Twitter: tdebruyn

    Weird, I thought I left a comment, but it didn’t show. Anyways, great work as always Melissa.

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