Melissa Oholendt x LAB MPLS

I’ll never forget that day. Back before Melissa Oholendt Photography was a thing, back when Melissa Oholendt had just barely become a thing (we were still newlyweds). The day, almost 9 years ago, when I sat on my bed, took out my sweet little point-and-shoot’s manual and started playing.

Back then, aperture, shutter speed and ISO felt like catchy little buzz words. Words I barely could say (ap-pre-ture? a-per-ture? a-peh-tre?), let alone figure out how they all worked together.

Enter the photography class that changed my path in life. (Really.)

One year and one too-big-for-my-britches (yeah, I said britches) DSLR camera purchase later, I signed up for a short hour long class with a local Twin Cities camera shop. The honest truth is that I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I loved taking photos. That class changed the way I used my camera in the very best way. I won’t lie, the hard work wasn’t done after that class, but I left that day with a real understanding of what those catchy buzz words actually meant and a reference point for how they worked together.

The next two weekends I have the opportunity to teach a similar class. For everyone who has the big fancy camera but no idea how to use it. Or even if you have an idea of how to use it but just want the knowledge of how to use it better.

May 2nd & May 9th, I am partnering with LAB MPLS (the brilliant people who made creating + learning a thing again in Minneapolis) to teach a Photo 1.0 and Photo 2.0 LAB class and I couldn’t be more excited about it.
Screen-Shot-2015-04-27-at-11.01.41-AM-300x101I will be telling you everything I wish I knew at the beginning. Everything I had to learn the hard way, everything I wish I hadn’t purchased (and wished I had purchased sooner), everything I know about documenting & styling daily life. Not to mention, I’ll be answering any questions you can think of. Any question you’ve been dying to ask but haven’t had the venue to do so.

AND, you’ll be learning in one of the coolest spaces in Minneapolis. The LAB team just moved into their new space and it’s a stunner.

There are still spots available and I would just love to see some beautiful, friendly faces in those seats. So, have I convinced you? Will you be there?

I hope so.

For more information and to sign-up for Photo 1.0, use this link.

If you know the basics of photography but want to up your photography game (and learn the basics of editing), use this link.

(Pssssst – register for both Photo 1.0 and Photo 2.0 and LAB will give you $50 off Photo 2.0! What a steal.)

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  1. Olivia Holloway

    Hi Melissa!

    I just e-mailed you yesterday regarding this LAB MPLS workshop – I’d LOVE to be a part of it!

    The issue is I have a work event that I have to work around, so I’d either be about an hour late or have to leave about an hour and a half early. Either way, I want to make it work really badly (this sounds like exactly the kind of opportunity I’m looking for right now), so I wanted to know your suggestion – would it be better to come a little later and catch on, or leave a a little early? I can do either one. Please get back to me as soon as possible! If you’d call me, that’d be awesome. I need to arrange some things with my supervisor. 920-495-2475. Thank you so much!