Molly & Ryan | Chicago Engagement Photography

This was the day I officially fell for Chicago.

It’s possible it could have been this was the first time I had viewed the Windy City through a camera lens. It’s likely it had something to do with Bachelorette contestant conversations while our Uber driver rolled his eyes next to me. It’s plausible that it had to do with the rain clouds that rolled in thick and heavy, emptied the busy streets and made those river bridges just that much more romantic (and my hair that much more terrible). But one thing I do know for certain is that my love for Chicago has a lot to do with these two right here and seeing the city they love through their eyes, even as water showered down around us.

Like straight out of a romance novel. Such is my love affair with the 312.

Molly & Ryan. Chicago became a new city for me on that trip and I only have you both to thank for that. Pumped for June so we can have conversations about the life-changing viewing Molly experienced with Jurassic Park (no pressure) but mostly just excited for June because that means hang time with you two in another city I adore – Minneapolis. Can’t wait.

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