Phyllis & Michael | Minneapolis Wedding Photography

Their first date was on a motorcycle but don’t tell her parents that.

Ok. Fine. Maybe the motorcycle ride was more of “hey, girl I like, want to take a drive on my new motorcycle?” than an actual first date and – maybe, just maybe – she was sincerely grateful for excuse of the motorcycle because it gave her a chance to wrap her arms around the chest of the boy she liked that ignited the spark of something bigger in both their hearts.

First date, indeed.

That first date turned into many dates which turned into the coldest proposal – ever – in the Walker Sculpture Garden which turned two people so emphatically & deeply in love with each other into husband & wife six months later.

So, how do you top that story?

With this day. This day so stunning; not because of the visual beauty but because two people who were made for each other, laughed and slow danced their way into marriage, surrounded by their best friends & biggest supporters on the rooftop of a date night favorite. And I was just lucky enough to be a part of that.

Phylli & Schmichael. What can I even say that would encapsulate how I feel about you both? From friends to family to something deeper and more meaningful, if there even is a thing. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day from behind a camera but even more, thank you for trusting me to execute on your dreams and wishes and create a day that was worthy of your love. Forever hugs and love and all that good stuff (with a well-rationed dose of sarcasm because that is how family dinner rolls).

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Ceremony Location: Twin Cities Chinese Christian Church
Reception Location: Lynlake Brewery
Bride’s Makeup: Stephenie Jayne Makeup Artistry
Floral Design: DIY by Bride’s Friend
Invitations: Dear Ondine
Calligraphy: Bride
Catering: Taco Cat
Emcee: Bill Svoboda

Thanks to the always wonderful McKenzie Smith for being my 2nd shooter!

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  1. Phylli

    we love you more than we can ever say! except maybe 2-3 bottles of wine in :P

    Also can we discuss how michael could not keep a straight face? :P