Sarah & Phil | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

So, here’s the thing about Engagement Sessions.

You see, there’s a certain type of intimacy that comes with photographing someone; I find this to be true of lifestyle sessions, of course, but I especially find this within the confines of an engagement session. This is usually a couple’s first time in front of my camera and rarely, but it happens sometimes, it’s my first time meeting a groom or occasionally the couple themselves if they live out of state. And then I’m asking them to snuggle and kiss and walk around or drink wine like they’re having the best time ever  and maybe it’s not particularly normal to ask someone to “Hi, I know we’ve met once before but please kiss your fiancé like you mean it but maybe not with tongue, ok thanks, I’ll be over here photographing you”? Just maybe.

I say (most of) that in jest, but between the very vulnerable position of being in front of a camera and the unknown element of a third party documenting who you are as a couple? It’s approximately one million trust falls wrapped neatly into a two hour period.

But that is where I come in. I am your biggest cheerleader and proud new best friend rolled into one behind the camera. I’m going to tell you how good you look, how well you walked down those cobblestone steps and how boss you are for making out in a public place. I’m going to tweak your hand placement (grandma will see these photos, after all) and tuck your hair behind your ear and step back and let you do your thing. I’m going to laugh (a lot) with you, hold your dog’s leash and get really high-pitched when you do something that translates in camera.

And truth be told, we just might argue Adnan’s guilt on Serial or whether Flo Rida’s new song is good or annoying or annoying good. I’ll probably do a weird form of a happy dance in front of you at some point because sometimes that’s the only way I can communicate how happy I am. I’ll definitely make you kiss and I’ll definitely be a little creepy about it (I mean, just mildly and I’m sorry in advance) but I promise I will make you look incredible.

In short, I want you to have the best time you’ve ever had in front of a camera. I want to take your vulnerability and turn into something special. I want to show you a side of your love that you’ve never witnessed before and I want to do it in a way that blows you away. I want romantic sunsets and double rainbows and serene waterfronts and champagne and sweet moments and city skylines and walks with your best friend and green forests and your ultimate trust that we are creating something spectacular together. Even more spectacular than my weird happy dance. (But maybe just barely.)

Now take a look at these beauties and see what all the fuss is about.

One last thing. Sarah & Phil. Honestly, you two. You are as kind & generous as you are stunningly beautiful as a couple and that is saying something. Thank you for always indulging my love of champagne, conversations about how our dogs have changed our lives for the better and for trusting me and making me feel at home, in your home. There is no better gift.

Sarah’s hair & makeup by the (sweetest and) incredible Julie Lam.


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