Shaynah Dodge for Glitter Guide

A few months back (editor’s note – ok, ok SIXTEEN MONTHS AGO) I got to spend a chilly Minnesota morning shooting and chatting with Shaynah Dodge for the powerhouse blog Glitter Guide and no doubt after viewing the images below, you might see why it ended up being one of my very favorite interior shoots of all of 2016.

You might know Shaynah as the MN gal with the incredibly beautiful (but yet entirely relatable) instagram feed @ruffledsnob but if you haven’t come across her blog or her feed yet, they are a must follow on all levels. Not only does she have style (home and fashion – I’d hate her but she’s really just the best) but she’s honest about life with kids, life as a blogger and the never-ending shift of interior decor that happens until you find the right direction (can I get an amen?). As if that wasn’t enough, she also happens to be an incredible artist – many, many of the pieces in her house were painted by her – who I have yet to persuade into opening an Etsy shoppe so I can buy all.the.things from her.

So take a peek into this beautiful morning with Shaynah and read her hilarious interview with Glitter Guide and please be ready to sign my petition to open an Etsy shoppe at the end of it all. And then go follow her on every platform you can find because she’s wonderful.

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