Tari & Steve | North East, Maryland Lifestyle Photography

Contrary to (my) popular opinion for most of my teenage (and admittedly, some of my adult) years – I have recently decided that despite all odds, I have pretty cool parents. Even though my dad tends to ignore the fact that yes, you CAN wear too much denim all at once and even though my mom proudly displays a 6-foot (terrifyingly lifelike) Nutcracker named Sir Frederick every Christmas season at the bottom of the stairs (where, really, there is no creepier place for him to be when you are sneaking downstairs in the dark at 3am on Christmas morning), they still manage to hold status as two of the most fun and awesomely hip parents I know.

I guess it’s possible that their relative coolest factor increased as my definition of cool morphed from Care Bears to Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Seven Jeans to hooray-no-yoga-pants-on-a-Friday-night; but it’s also possible that they were cool from the very beginning and I was just too busy fashion-policing to notice. As a 27-year old undecided in the chicken before the demin-clad-egg war, I guess we will never know for sure. One thing I do know? I got my joy of laughter and sarcasm from that guy and my intense drive to succeed from that lady. You can thank them later for that.

Dear Mom & Dad. You will lose considerable cool points if you long-distance ground me for this post. Just saying. LOVE YOU.

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  1. I love your parents and I don’t even know them! Beautiful pictures Mel!

  2. Amy G

    yay! Your parents are pretty cool. You also captured great pictures of them. I love the shot with your mom laughing hysterically behind your dad. Also, that tree is amazing – too bad you can’t take it with you to other photo shoots. :)

  3. jacob mengelkoch

    your attitude rocks. hilarious blog post and great photos.

  4. Adorable!!!

  5. Steve


    You are, quite possibly, the meanest, smartest, most evil, sweetest, most painful, nicest, most talented daughter in the world. Kind of a bitter-sweet thing…like parents. However, it is nice to know that you are learning what every parent wants their children to know–The older you get, the smarter your Mom and I get!

    We love you, are SOOOOO proud of you and your talent to make even me look good (your Mom looks good all the time)!

    Love, Dad

  6. camille

    beautiful photos of beautiful people! you got to the joy of their lives and their love! congratulations to you all….

    love you all, c

  7. Whitney

    I love these. Fabulous job Melissa!! Warmed my heart on a cold Minnesota evening. :)

  8. Great pictures, Melissa! I have no doubt you will hold these close to your heart forever. Also, that comment from your dad is just about the best comment I’ve ever read on a blog. Just sayin’. ;)

  9. your parents are beautiful, and they look nice, melissa! oh, you must’ve been such a dramatic teen ;) ha! fun images though, i love that you took photos of them. they have SO much to be proud of in who you are. amazing.

  10. Anna

    Awesome pictures of people I love. Made me cry they are so great. (People AND Pictures!)

  11. Love it! Love them! Love you! And also… can we give your mom some credit for this whole photography thing? I’m pretty sure I remember her taking a picture of EVERYTHING way back when… so kudos Tari! And also… you CAN wear too much denim? WHAT!!?

  12. Carolyn

    In addition to being awesome photos that your entire family can be proud of, your words are what all parents hope to hear during their lifetime! Gosh! They did a great job raising you! :-)

  13. Cynthia

    Such beautiful photos Melissa. They are all amazing but I particularly love the one where Tari is resting her head on Steve’s back with her eyes closed. Very nice!

  14. Renee Q.

    From the first moment I saw your mother(during her job interview for the ED of the chamber)we connected with her beautiful smile and caring and loving eyes. Your dad(affectionally known as Mr.Tari..LOL)is a kind and lucky man. You have brought tears to my eyes as I look at these great and beautiful photos of the two of them so obviously still madly in love with each other. The emotions that you have captured are absolutely some of the best I have ever seen. You and your brother have 2 of the “coolest” parents I know who love with all their heart and soul and give to others a genuine spirit of happiness for having know them. Great job Melissa.

  15. Tanna McTee


    You are blessed to have such a legacy of love and to be able to capture it so beautifully! It has been forever since I have seen you and yet the beautiful, funny, witty, great girl that you were has grown in to the amazing woman I knew you would be!!! Great work lady! Thank you so much for sharing : )


  16. Diane Carabetta

    Melissa, Great pictures of two wonderful people, your mom & dad!

  17. adorable.

  18. SO SWEET!!!