The New & Improved Oho.

I remember the day the whimsical, girly, calligraphy version of the Melissa Oholendt brand debuted was a day filled with happiness and the relief that only the culmination of 12-months of hard work, introspection and education can provide.

And by Day Two? I was already thinking up ways to improve, refine and upgrade this Melissa Oholendt brand into something better. (Matt Oholendt is shaking his head at me somewhere.) But that is the fantastic thing about branding; it’s always evolving and never, ever completely done. And while that can be intimidating, it’s also filled with endless possibilities and ways to improve and make our lives richer, more beautiful and certainly more efficient.

What’s not to love about that?

Sometime around mid-2012, I started to feel the rebrand itch. I knew I didn’t need a full identity rebrand since the Melissa Oholendt brand was still very representative of the visual brand I wanted to maintain but I knew that the girly, pretty-pretty-princess nature of the brand was missing an entire side of my personality. The quirky side. The side that laughs at my own jokes (a lot). And thinks Star Trek is one of the best television series to ever grace network air. The side that goes into teenage-hyperventilation-mode when N*Sync reunites during the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards and the side that might occasionally speak in a strange voice ala Anna Faris in The House Bunny. (Seriously. Watch that clip. I dare you not to laugh.)

But this wasn’t just about me. After nearly 5 years of business, my target wedding couple had changed pretty drastically and I needed a brand that wouldn’t merely keep up with the change but would lead & direct the change in clientele and continue to do so as my brand changed even further.

I didn’t make a big deal out of it, and told next to no one outside my peer group, but I started working on things in the background; quietly adding quirk to the voice, look & feel of my brand that paired naturally with the whimsical, feminine brand that was already in place.  I admit, some things didn’t work out as well as I had hoped (moss for my print packaging to name one – moss, really?!) and maybe my packaging changed 4 times between April of last year and September of this year (now there’s confetti, neon & polka dots involved so no one is complaining) but like any good lesson in life, you have to go through those failures to get to the good stuff. And 100% Melissa Oholendt good stuff is a lofty goal but it’s finally there.

Brand Blog_1

So with the final gallery updates happening just hours ago, I’m ready to say, it’s here… The new & improved Melissa Oholendt with a whole lot of whimsy, a whole lot of heart but still the same amount of passion (a lot).

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 1.04.24 PM

And tomorrow we start dreaming big brand dreams again. Because that’s how I roll. 

PS, I’m totally, totally excited to share that I am now offering brand mentoring (!!) for everything from finding & attracting your target client to client experience development! Contact me for more information.

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  1. I love this so much – and I ADORE you, darling. Congrats on finding the right OHO – again – and cheers to committing to never stop looking for the new her/it/you. I admire you so much – and am so happy that in this incredibly short and fleeting life I get to call you my friend. How lucky am I!??! Seriously.

    Now let’s celebrate with some j.crew, rhinestones, confetti, and cupcakes.


  2. Dude, Star Trek is the BEST show to ever be on tv! In the history of tv. I know this because I can watch any series over and over and over again. Nerdiness aside, I love the new look! It’s beautiful :-)


  3. Steph

    So proud of you! Keep dreaming big! I know you can achieve whatever you put your heart into!

  4. Katie Burke

    Oh! But I loved the moss packaging!
    Also love that you reference Anna Faris in House Bunny :) She is [kind of] my spirit animal.
    Of course your new look is fantastic – Patric and I have some of your 2012 stuff and I think some of that 2013 looks familiar – we’re just going to have to book with you again to get that neon-confetti awesomeness!

  5. I’m slow to this party, but woohoooooo!