The Working Workshop | November 8th, 2013

As of 1:50pm yesterday, the Workshop I will be co-hosting with Marlen Boro on November 8th is at 50% capacity. And for a girl who was pretty sure she was going to need to ask 16 strangers to come sit in a beautiful room (and eat the food we paid for) while I cried sad, bitter tears – this is just…pretty unbelievable.

If you have not yet heard me shouting this announcement from the rooftops of Minneapolis, let me introduce you to The Working Workshop.

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Purposed for creatives of all levels & experiences who are interested in gaining more insight, development & actual “make it happen” steps to brand strategy for their businesses. It’s less “follow my 9-steps to happiness & prosperity” and more “what part of your brand doesn’t connect and how can we make it better?”. We’ll talk about the foundations to your visual brand & client experience and speak globally to the development of a brand over years but also delve into the nitty-gritty and address challenges that your brand is facing along with brainstorming specific ways to get around, over or through those hinderances. 

In addition, Marlen and I are working to create a curated brand experience. You know that feeling when you walk into the Apple Store – or in my case, J.Crew – and you sigh because it’s just that good? That’s our mission. Starting with the workshop location – dubbed the coolest private event space in Minneapolis – The Bachelor Farmer’s aptly named “The Afghan Room”, all the way through to your experience post-workshop where you can count on us as sounding boards & advisors as you refine your brand into something special. We want you to know that we practice what we preach and that includes a tailored Working Workshop experience for each attendee.

If you are like me and have investigated my cohost Marlen before you’ve even finished this blogpost, you’ll notice two things. 1) That you probably shouldn’t have opened his website at work (my bad, should have warned you). And 2) that our brands are pretty much the exact opposite. Night & Day. Peanut Butter & Jelly. His naughty to my nice. We are the complete inverse of the other; our brands and clientele are so entirely different but yet every single piece of our brands are so similarly intentional & purposeful. This is what originally bonded me to Mr. Boro and this is what sets the Working Workshop a part in an extraordinary way. Two incredibly dissimilar brands but one very cohesive thought on branding as a whole. 


So, I invite you to share in this incredible day with us. The eight attendees that have already signed up are profoundly amazing in their own right and I already can’t wait to spend the day with each one.

This is truly a labor of love and we would be absolutely honored to share in that with you.

For more details & to sign up, visit our website! Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to email me!

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  1. Sounds just fabulous! So excited for you and for the attendees! XOXO