In the midst of a year that felt exceptionally chaotic, both from a personal and business perspective, I found myself seeking out & savoring the quieter moments of life. The moments where the world goes quiet around you as you walk with your love. The minutes where laughing with your best friends seems to heal something inside of you. The moments where those nearest and dearest see you in a different light and especially those solo moments where you even see yourself in a different light. Those snuggles, laughs, tears and silences in a crowded room are the seconds and minutes that make up the in-between of the big moments and ones that, without a reason to remember, we may forget even happened at all.

These are the moments where I found my heart living this year. In the small. In the quiet. And in the places I wanted to remember forever.

And to you, my extraordinary 2017 couples, thank you for letting me capture your own quiet moments. To be vulnerable enough to expose your hearts and for just absolutely crushing it in the best possible way. I really, really love you.

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  1. Lee Ann

    Beautiful! So many beautiful places/spaces in and around the cities.