My goodness. 2011… You were a big year.

BIG. Huge. BIG, BIG year.

This is going to sound cliche and you might throw-up a little but I am going to say it anyway; 2011 is the year I finally found myself and the year I found my voice more than as just the person behind the lens. And justifiably, it became the year that I changed. That my business changed. That my marriage changed. That everything changed. Everything.

It was the year I was pushed out of my comfort zone and the year that I conquered my biggest personal struggle to date. The year I learned how to say no. The year I dance-partied. A lot. Maybe too much. Jury is still out.

The year I said yes to photographing things that actually meant something to me. The year I chose to only photograph couples that touched my heart in deep ways. The year I learned the best thing in life is a Blueberry Almond Milk smoothie.

The year I said yes to putting myself out there. More than once. The year my marriage turned six, my dog turned 4 and my knees turned 83.

The year I traveled a lot less but was ok with that. The same year I invested in my friends and family more than social media. The year 90% of my friends had babies or ended the year pregnant. (Coincidence? I think not.)

The year I made the animals in Japan my priority. The year I turned an age older than Julia Robert’s character in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and learned that life is more than a steady paycheck and a matching 401K.

The year my work was published in a national magazine and on the Washington Post website. The same year I was published or featured in 10 different online blogs & magazines, including Minnesota Bride and Real Simple. Oh and Pinterest. But that doesn’t really count.

The year I expanded my fashion portfolio. The year I shot the same amount of film as I shot digital. The year I used hashtags more than real sentences. #hookedonphonics

The year I looked fear, uncertainty and the guarantee that life was never going to be the same in the face and made things happen for myself that I never thought possible. The year I learned that the stove really wasn’t out to get me and that I kind-of, maybe, sort-of really enjoy cooking.

2012 already holds so many big, huge, wonderful, exciting things I can’t wait to do, announce and make happen but let me just say. 2011, you were good to me. 2011 clients? You were the BEST and changed my life and my heart.

If the past two years have been any kind of indication, 2012 is going to change everything. All over again.


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  1. How can I be you when I grow up if I’m older than you? #quandary

  2. Just spending my Saturday evening with a glass of wine, blog stalking you. Your work is gorgeous (duh!)…but this blog post made me ADORE you just a little bit more. 2011 was good year for you friend, but I have a feeling 2012 will be GREAT!