What to do when Monday wins.


You guys. It’s not even 10am on this Monday morning and already I’ve had that morning. You know the one.

The one where you feel it the minute your feet hit the bedroom floor. The one where the dog mystery pukes all over the carpet exactly 30 seconds later. The one where you run out of soy milk for your coffee. The one where you can’t clear your email inbox before it starts to fill again.

That kind of morning.

If we were keeping count, Monday is definitely winning this day.

So, what do you do?

A glass of wine at 10am? Call the boss and fake the flu? Crawl back in bed and admit defeat?

No. Not this girl.

This is what you do. You keep doing.


You keep answering emails. You pull out the carpet cleaner and get to scrubbing. You use the coconut milk instead of soy milk and you enjoy it. You light a candle on your desk, put on your favorite jams and you bask in the reality that not every day is going to go your way but just. keep. doing.

Mondays are hard. Inherently. But they don’t have to win.

At least not today.

(Also. Margarita pitchers at my house at 6pm sharp. Be there or be square.)

(3) Comments

  1. Claire

    Um… so there if I wasn’t a thousand miles away. And THIS Monday? You remind yourself that you don’t have to work NEXT Monday. 4 day weekend for the win! :* Love you. And yipes…mystery pukes. I so understand that on the animal and human level lately. Oy. Cheers to high maintenance pets!

  2. Brianna

    Thank you for this!

    Ugh, exactly how it’s been here, too.

  3. Larissa

    Oh, gosh. Sounds a lot like my Monday. But your advice is golden, so I’m going to tackle something I’ve been unsure about doing the last several days. Oh, and those margaritas will fix everything! ;)