Winter Wonderland of Love, a styled shoot.

Guess who is bringing Christmas trees, mistletoe & gifts back? This girl. Along with nostalgia over those beautiful white layers of fluff conspicuously missing from the landscape? Bringing it all back to you today. What is better than a little Friday eye candy?

Winter Wonderland of Love, a styled shoot.  A shoot I’m incredibly proud of for multiple reasons, one being this shoot was photographed using 100% film. But secondly is that the gorgeous styling was the pure brain child of one of my dearest & most talented friends, Faith Brue, who’s stunning fashion views for this shoot equaled sequins, J.Crew plaid, Minnetonka Moccasins, and vintage fur. Right? I know.

And even more HUGE sparkly, heartfelt thanks is owed to the beautiful real-life couple, Julia & Kye Samuelson who certainly know how to make this photographer one happy girl.

Styling: Faith Brue
Hair & Make-up: emily j. hair & makeup
Assistant: Monika Hubka
Special thanks to my local favorite Parc Boutique for lending fashion & accessory pieces for the shoot!

And MORE huge sparkly, heartfelt thanks are owed to my friends at Minnesota Bride for their kind words when they published this shoot pre-Christmas.

(5) Comments

  1. Oh my I ADORE this. So cute! I need some snow :)

  2. Ok, love love looooove everything about this! Love your shooting, love her gear, love it all. Good work lady

  3. This is adorable. LOVE the toboggan!

  4. I’m officially obsessed. OBSESSED I say!! These are phenomenal. I am so proud of you. Crazy gorgeous. The color is insane and yes..the styling? Perfection. So.Very.Good.


  5. Amazing! love a man with an axe! Great photos.