Working Workshop // The First Class

I’m beginning to understand what giving birth feels like.

Maybe minus the excruciating pain, bodily fluids and 18-year (minimum) responsibility commitment; but a birth mentality, none the less.

You think, grow and prepare (to the nth degree) on this baby (workshop) for months – enough so that it takes up the majority of your brain space, emotions & eventually the whole of your heart – and then, after all your preparation, plans and schedules, it happens. The birth. The painful, amazing, at times awkward, brilliant process that is having a baby (or so I’ve been told). Your next few days (or months for you actual mamas; we’re on an expedited timeline here, folks) are spent in recovery-slash-survival mode but then – as if suddenly – ten days later you are staring down at this amazing little creation and all you can think is, “when can we do it again?”



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But seriously.

I don’t have enough good things to say about the First Class of the Working Workshop. There just isn’t room on this blog or sufficient words within the English language to sum up the whole of how I feel about our first – incredible – sixteen attendees. Every single person in that beautiful Afghan room truly invested and arrived ready to make progress on their brand strategy and the work that was done that day? Astounding. I just can’t handle how good that felt and how totally humbling it was to experience. Even now, ten days past, watching them work to achieve the goals they set…? I mean, not to bring it back to the birthing thing but IS THIS WHAT BEING A MOM FEELS LIKE?!?

So, publicly and to each and every one of the members of The First Class? Thank you. Thank you for making it so that I didn’t sit in a room by myself and cry. Thank you for showing up, in physical form but also ready to do the work. Thank you the drinks at the end of the evening (for reals). But most of all, thank you for just being yourselves and willing to listen to what Marlen & I had to bring to the table.


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And thank you for being great photo-takers because I clearly failed at that. I must have been too busy breathing into a paper bag. Or something.


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  1. It rocked, that is beyond true. But more true is that you and Marlen rock. The workshop wouldn’t have worked with any other two people leading it.

    Thank you for pouring your hearts all over each and every one of us. Xoxo

  2. So jealous of those lucky ‘first class’ members! If I was still in MN, would have been there in a hot minute. Congrats on your success, Melissa!!!! If you ever turn this into an e-book/online workshop, you know how to get ahold of me. :)