Working Workshop // Two (+ Scholarship)

Historically Awesome Sequels:
Terminator 2
Toy Story 2
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
The Working Workshop 2

Oooook. So, maybe that last one should fall under a to be determined category because guess what? We’re doing it again.

Date: Thursday, March 20th
Time: 9am to 5pm
Cost: $300

And this time? We’re adding a super secret (to be announced) guest speaker who I’d pay to hear speak. So you know I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing.

One more thing. (And this is what I am most excited about.)


Early on in my career, I was on the receiving end of a scholarship that very literally changed my life. Truth be told, I almost didn’t “enter” the scholarship contest but late at night, on the day the entries were due, I found myself typing furiously, composing a novel of an entry, while sobbing uncontrollably. I hope your experience is not as dramatic as mine but there are no words for how grateful I am for that scholarship and the opportunity it provided me to truly take a day to get out of my normal routines, sit back, analyze and invest in myself. In honor of that gift that was so graciously given, Marlen & I are thrilled to be offering one scholarship seat to the Second Class of the Working Workshop.

To enter, please email us with your name, phone number, website and answers to the following two questions in 300 words or less. 

1. Who is your Target Client?

2. What area of your branding (slash) business isn’t working correctly?

Please be specific & honest with your answers.

This isn’t a contest for “Grossest Kitchen” or “World’s Ugliest Dog”; we just want to see that you are thinking about your business in a thoughtful and analytical way. Which is exactly the way we will approach your brand on the day of.

Scholarship entries are due only one short week from today (by 11:59pm Thursday, February 20th) and a recipient will be announced Friday, February 21st. 

We are so humbled to be a part of this amazing creative community and so honored to be able to give back. Can’t wait to hear from all of you.

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  1. Hello Marlen and Melissa,
    I am writing to you with a late entry for your scholarship contest. I am late because I just found out about you from my biz buddy and friend – Jenni Undis of Lunalux. Inspired by reading your text above, I am writing, even though I am late, in case the major snow of yesterday and the digging out of today has put you behind in your analysis of submissions…creating a chance for mine to be read.

    I have owned Mitrebox Framing Studio for 15 years and as of last Saturday I bought out my business partner. This is day 4 of owning it on my own and even though it is a little scary, the world feels fresh and wide open with possibilities.

    1. Who is your Target Client?
    I have identified 5 different target clients. Many of their needs overlap even if their lifestyles do not.

    2. What area of your branding (slash) business isn’t working correctly?
    That is what I would like to decide. I have a large list of things on my list to tackle and improve now that I have the business to myself.
    Most immediate, to me, is my website and social media consistency. I am looking for help in fine tuning and would love to attend this workshop to rank projects and fine tune my direction.

    Thank you.
    Sara Nachreiner
    Mitrebox Framing Studio